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The Rabbit Habit is a 501c(3) recognized, non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.
Checks or money orders can be made out to “The Rabbit Habit” and sent to:
The Rabbit Habit, P.O. Box 209, Oreland, PA 19075.

Love The Rabbit Habit logo? You can now find it on a variety of merchandise at The Rabbit Habit Café Press Store. Tell the world about YOUR “rabbit habit” and help homeless bunnies at the same time!
Bunny Services now available by appointment in Glenside, PA (215-517-7067):
Nail Clipping – $5Incisor Trimming – $5Ear Cleaning – $5Scent Gland Cleaning $5Injections Given – $3Sub Q Fluids Given – $8Mite Treatments – $15 for three injectionsSuture Removal – $5Boarding – $7 per day (Click here for more boarding details)
The Rabbit Habit is now registered with:
Please consider using to search the Internet. Every time you do, money goes to your favorite charity or school. You can list the Rabbit Habit as your charity of choice, and ask everyone in your circle to use the site as well. The site is powered by Yahoo!, so you’ll get the same quality search results that you’re used to. What’s unique is that they have developed a way to direct money straight to your listed charity with every click. The more people who use this site, the more funding will to to bunnies in need. So please check it out!
The Rabbit Habit Foster Bunny Wish List:
(Any of the following new items can be mailed to: The Rabbit Habit, P.O. Box 209, Oreland, PA 19075,
or arranged to be dropped off by calling 215-517-7067.)small rectangular litter boxeslarge drinking bottlesPurina Complete Rabbit Chow (green bag)Oxbow Basics-T Rabbit Pelletsvegetables and fruitstimothy haypaper towelswhite vinegarspray bottles55 gallon plastic trash bagsRubber Dish Glovesbiodegradable brown paper yard bagshard plastic toyswood pieces (3″ to 4″ pieces of 2×4)White Copy PaperQ-tipslatex gloves – size mediumBusiness EnvelopesFirst Class Postage Stampslaundry detergentAnti-bacterial Hand SoapTimothy Hay
Sponsor a Rabbit Habit Foster!For just $15 a month, you can help with the feeding needs of one homeless foster bunny. Please see our “Adoptables” page to select a foster bunny to sponsor. Participants will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship, that will include a photo of your chosen bunny. Please send us a note with your selected foster bunny’s name, along with a check or money order, made out the “The Rabbit Habit,” to: P.O. Box 209, Oreland, PA 19075.
Our generous Foster Sponsors:Presto – Gina KepadloNelly – Jennifer Barbieri and Ron Quaranta
Gift DonationsGift donations for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, anniversaries, weddings, and in memory of a loved one (person or pet) will help homeless bunnies as they await loving homes. Your gift is tax-deductible, and acknowledgement of your gift will be sent to the recipient, or the family of a lost loved one.
Bunny ChecksBunny Checks from Community Checks at
(To get Rabbit Habit Checks, make sure to list The Rabbit Habit as your organization and ‘PA PA2’ as your organizational code when ordering.)
Animal Communication ServicesAnimal Communicator Janie Landes can tell you what is on your pet’s mind, in health, illness and death. In addition to offering her communication services to our current foster bunnies, free of charge, Janie also donates a percentage of all reading fees to The Rabbit Habit, to help homeless bunnies. See Janie’s website for fee information and to schedule a communication.
GIVE OF YOUR TIME!Volunteer with The Rabbit Habit, and make a difference in somebunny’s life. Help homeless bunnies, learn more about them, and have fun! The Rabbit Habit needs bunny-lovers to volunteer for various duties, including:Cage CleaningShelter Cleaning
SocializingTransportsStaffing eventsFeedingPlease use this form to volunteer your time with The Rabbit Habit.
For more information, please Email the Rabbit Habit.
Bunny Birthday/Adoption Day ClubCelebrate and honor your bunny’s birthday or adoption day! For a five dollar donation to The Rabbit Habit, your bunny’s special day will be posted in our “Bunny Birthday/Adoption Day Club!” Send your bunny’s name, designate either “Birthday” or “Adoption Day,” and include the date of the special day, along with a check made out to “The Rabbit Habit” to The Rabbit Habit, P.O. Box 209, Oreland, PA 19075.
Help the Rabbit Habit by Shopping on the Web!Help the cause of the Rabbit Habit by signing up to shop online via The service sends a certain percentage of your purchases to the cause of your choice. You even get some credit just for joining, or for viewing websites from thier starting page. CLICK HERE or on the logo at right to join, or CLICK HERE if you are already a member.

You may also donate the following items:

  • Empty inkjet cartridges 
  • Cell Phones
  • Laptop/Notebook Computers
  • Apple Ipods
  • Digital Cameras and Digital Video Cameras
  • ACME Markets register receipts (dated within the past 12 months)

Please mail to:
Rabbit Habit 
PO Box 209 
Oreland, PA 19075


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