Finding a Home for your Rabbit


Although our organization would like to be able to help those who want to/need to relinquish their pet rabbit, our shelter is operating at maximum capacity at any given time. We focus on the pet rabbits that have been relinquished to area shelters practicing euthanasia, and those who are at immediate risk of perishing.

If you want to relinquish your rabbit due to challenging behaviors, you might want to try:

  • Spaying/neutering your rabbit, using an experienced Exotics Veterinarian.
  • Limiting your rabbit to a bunny-proofed area/room.
  • Litter box training your rabbit.
  • Giving your rabbit more attention.
  • Find more information on rabbit care and behavior at

Tips for finding your rabbit a home:

  • Place an ad and charge an adoption fee to avoid those who want to make your rabbit a meal for themselves or their reptiles, and to encourage commitment in owning a rabbit. Make yourself familiar with the adoption application questions from rabbit rescue websites, and screen adopters well.
  • Hang ads in the workplace, school, church, grocery markets, vet offices, pet supply stores, libraries, etc.
  • Post on-line at Petfinder, E-Groups, Lists, etc.

Relinquishing your rabbit to a shelter:

  • Ask rabbit rescue groups for the names of animal shelters that they draw rabbits from, as these tend to be safer placements for your rabbit (but are no guarantee for your rabbit’s complete safety).

DO NOT SET YOUR RABBIT FREE OUTDOORS! Domestic rabbits do not possess the skills to survive outdoors, and many will quickly perish from animal attacks, starvation, or insect infestation.


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